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Feb 26, 2014 4:00am EST
of dollars in offshore tax evasion. your goggles, upbeat about business in the u.s. even as americans get more of a taste for craft through -- craft brews. airbus stock climbs higher as the company works to boost production on its best-selling a320. good morning. welcome. you are watching "the pulse." i am guy johnson. francine lacqua is off today. what do we have for you on the show today? it is all a board brand italy. monocle magazine's latest issue is all about the country. we are live with the editor-in-chief tyler brule. we're going to cover a lot of ground. italy, beautiful but problematic. what do we do with it? let's begin with our top story of the day, and explosive report by u.s. lawmakers on credit suisse. according to a senate committee, the bank helped american customers hide as much as $10 billion in assets from the irs. that is more than double the amount previously known. hans nichols has more on the findings. he joins us from berlin. >> the numbers are shocking. more so than the numbers, the details, the salacious aspects of this report. you had secret meetings in secret
Feb 28, 2014 4:00am EST
next week. inditexp this hour, fashions a tax loophole. we begin with our main subject of the morning. the situation in the ukraine is developing quickly. isted president yanukovych holding a press conference today from russia. the u.s. government tries to pull together international funding to avoid a default. let's go to kiev and our reporter there, ryan chilcote. walk us through what has been happening in the south of the country in the crimea this morning. >> it is certainly seizing headlines. i am at the ukrainian central bank with the prime minister and the head of central bank are giving a joint briefing about the state of the country's finances. the prime minister left early. i did have a quick conversation with him, one on one, and they are studying the situation in the crimea. they're trying to figure out who these people are. what we're talking about is that at five :00 this morning, another group of armed men -- at 5:00 this morning, another group appeared at anve in the crimea. we have two eyewitness reports that there is a group of somewhere between 50 and 100 armed men
Mar 4, 2014 4:00am EST
more, 2% plus range. beenf the things that has lately is u.k. market the tax breaks. is that something you can replicate on the continent? we have this branch of financial services now. we will increase the penetration of financing. it is giving additional business opportunities and increases customer retention. >> why will i buy one of your cars this year? simply because you're financing is better or because i like the product? talk me through the selling points that gm is going to be delivering to put itself back on the map. >> we believe that the product and the brand are key. the product is really improved now. we have great products. the brand is also great. opel got a bit too pale in the past. we have a new campaign now. the german and approachable bit of the brand. on the technology side, we have really given products the new engines. >> you have a lot of ties with russia. can you plan for what is going on right now? do you have contingencies in place? >> it is obviously difficult to plan in such an environment and in emerging countries in general. russia is a very important mar
Mar 5, 2014 4:00am EST
. it goes into british tax havens and prophecies. >> it is hard to true all of that. >> is easy to prove. russian officials have income declarations -- declarations. is clear, looking from russia. >> that is ok. this is illegal. >> according to the russian is for illegal0% activity.'s move >> let's have a look at the trading partner. the largest foreign investors are the british virgin islands. >> this is what we want to get the bottom of. let's try to figure out what and view is on the ukraine how this crisis will pan out. >> vladimir putin feels that he was pushed out of deciding the ukraine's fate. what happened was not a blitzkrieg. rents -- thehe west was thrown off balance. imposed,see sanctions we will see rapidly deteriorating rates. happens, if they decide that they do not want to carry on with this, how influential committee on vladimir putin westmark >> his billion-dollar bets with his regime is that there is too much money involved to impose meaningful sanctions. imposednited states has visa restrictions in the past. -- >> russianna money is not in the united states. ar
Feb 27, 2014 4:00am EST
their secrecy but tax cases have threat tight end industry. could storage be an alternative? >> this is the future of the country. to store data, the next currency. >> considering an i.p.o. on the nasdaq with plans to build bunkers like this one all across switzerland. >> you will update and upgrade to your personal cloud here in this mountain. >> will the echoes compromise the data? >> no. >> but it won't leave the mountain. >> hans joins us now. hans, i have to say, you go around switzerland and there are lots of these bunkers there, the mountains just riddled with them if you're a swiss national, you spend a bit of time in the army, you spend a bit of time in them. how big can this get? >> this one was three stories. there are 60,000 bunkers that can be converted. maybe about 200-300 meters deep. room after room. it was hard to get a real good sense. they would not give us a map. i asked for one. we were just walking around. they are giant caverps full of mountain water, pools. room after room. the important thing is what they were talking about, given what happened on ca
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5